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English Services in the Chapel are held every Sunday of the year.

Serving Clergy:


"HTOCSC" (THE CHAPEL) services are held by the clergy of the Holy Trinity Church:


V. Rev. Fr. Constantin Alecse, Sr. Pastor
Fr. Virgil Anton, associate pastor
Dan Platt, Reader/cantor

Sub-deacon Liviu G. Constantinescu, Young Adults & Services Coordinator

Time of Services - Sunday Schedule

9:30 am - 10:00 am

Divine Liturgy:
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Sunday School:
11:30 am - 12:30 pm

11:15 am (and by appointment or prior arrangements)


Why English Services?


Everyone is welcome !


As Romanian Americans of Orthodox Faith, we have the duty to do our part to continue the Orthodox Mission, initiated by the Russian Orthodox Church in North America (since 1794) more than 200 years ago.


From the history of the Orthodox Christianity, we all know of the great and holy work started by our beloved Saint Herman of Alaska, followed by the vast unbelievable work completed by St.Innocent, which could easily fill several books.


We do recall that in late 1898 to 1905, the future Patriarch of Moscow, St. Tikhon, coming to America, along with Bishop Raphael (+1915), united many ethnic Orthodox people, healed divisions, built Churches, and instructed that English be used in America.


Through his vision from God, St. Tikhon stated that throughout Orthodox Missions, through the ages, the Church was able to proclaim the Gospel of Christ in the language of the people, which is used for each Country accordingly.


In the spirit and prophetic vision of Saint Tikhon, we must press forward, using English in our services, or run the risk of becoming ethnic clubs forever in America.


The Holy Trinity Orthodox Church of Southern California "HTOCSC/The Chapel", conducts its services in the "Orthodox English Chapel", built in the former chancery (parish offices) of the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church, located at: 3315 Verdugo Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90065 .


The Sunday Catechetical School, as well as the "HTOCSC/The Chapel" Services are held entirely in the English Language.
 All people of ORTHODOX FAITH are wholeheartedly welcomed to attend!

For additional information:


Very Rev. Fr. Constantin Alecse, Rector of the Church, is solely authorized and responsible to offer additional information, and answer any and all questions (that his staff may not be able to answer satisfactory) regarding any and all activities of "HTOCSC/THE CHAPEL".

Please direct your questions to:


Very Rev. Fr. Constantin Alecse

P.O.Box 65-853
Los Angeles, CA 90065-0853
Tel. (323) 255-8583
Home Tel. (818) 365-4274

Fax: (818) 688-3965
Pager: (818) 388-5483
E-mail: preot@biserica.org
Internet site: SfantaTreime.org

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