Welcome to the church web site of the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church, in Los Angeles, California, a parish of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America (ROEA) .

Inside you will find a site under continuous development for the spread of God's word through his Holy Orthodox Church. We are proud of our heritage and the growth in worshipers over the years.

As you will see this site is not only about Orthodox Christianity but the people who make up the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church. Our faith and success depends on people, both clergy and parishioners. Here you will find information about our services, activities and history. Parishioners will find a calendar of events, information on Orthodoxy and more to expand their relationship with the parish. There will always be updates and new features added so please visit often. Once again, "Welcome!", Fr. Constantin Alecse and the parish council.


By Mr. Adrian Zmed, Actor


Dear faithful of Holy Trinity Parish and distinguished guests and friends, From the first meeting on June 25, 1939, at the home of Petru German to this day, the history of Holy Trinity has been one of much effort and growth to be a live Orthodox Christian witness in California and one which enjoys its roots in the Romanian tradition.


Incorporated in 1940; purchasing its first property in that same year; its second move in 1947; its present housing in the old Holy Apostles Episcopal Church since 1949, Holy Trinity has earnestly sow to root itself permanently. The clergy who served the parish, Reverend Fathers Grigore Coste, Victor Barbulescu, Coriolan Isacu, Anchidim Useriu, Richard Grabowski and Constantin Alecse each added some particular hand to the shaping of this parish and are an intimate part of the live of the community and the personal histories. With the organizations such as the Ladies Auxiliary (1948); LAROY (1960); Orthodox Brotherhood (1970), and the Parochial School (1948), Holy Trinity was helped on a local level and took its place on a national, Diocesan level as well, being presently considered as one of the 10 big parishes of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America. Click here to read more about our church history.



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